WhatsApp Beta APK (Updated) Download For Android & Windows
Download the latest version of Whatsapp beta apk on your Android devices without paying or free of cost and enjoy more features.
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15 June 2024
Android 5+
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Are you a WhatsApp user? If you are, then this WhatsApp Beta APK for Android version is waiting for you. this is the updated version of WhatsApp Messenger Furthermore, It gives you bundles of new gigantic features, and the WhatsApp beta version has a dark theme now, extra security covers, video messages, audio status, and more features that are admirable and also profitable for users in their privacy when chatting with their more close friends and relatives.

WhatsApp Beta APK Latest Version (V2.24.10.17):

These features let you enjoy a beautiful experience so for further detailed information About the WhatsApp Beta, Latest Version Read the article below to learn about the new features of WhatsApp. Download for free now with one click.

WhatsApp beta connects various devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone (iOS). This WhatsApp is available for all these devices. Try the free beta version of WhatsApp to learn more about this app’s features below.

Features Of WhatsApp Beta For Android

  • Media: You can send photos, videos, and voice notes to your relatives, friends, and family.
  • Visibility: You will be visible to your contacts by setting your profile image on WhatsApp. That will be shown to all your contacts, as you can filter it more by hiding the profile.
  • Free use: With less data and no WiFi, you can use WhatsApp beta APK as much as you wish, and you can send thousands of messages. The charges will be added when an internet connection or WiFi is available.
  • Chat Altogether: You can chat together by creating a group with your contacts.
  • Simple Use: You can use WhatsApp by adding your phone number and completing the verification process.
  • Login: Once you add the phone number to WhatsApp, you will always be connected to WhatsApp. It does not need to log in again and again. Also, it does not require a username and password to log in.
  • Charge-free (international): WhatsApp has no charges for international video calls, voice notes, and messages. You should have only an internet connection or WiFi.
  • No need for manual addition: WhatsApp automatically connects you with the user in your contact list by your address book.
  • Security: The app is secured. For more security, you can add your fingerprint to it.

Some Key Features of TechSpot WhatsApp Beta Latest:

  • The selected locked chat also has a lock on the notification content, and the contact will hide as the message received the notification will be like this “WhatsApp: 1 new message “
  •  You can private the forwarded media and received media by turning off the media visibility on the profile page of the chat
  • When you turn it off. Media does not save automatically in your phone gallery. But the call will still appear. It will not be locked.
  • The person you locked his chat with never knew about this activity. The lock for a chat only works on that device, not on other linked devices like linked windows.
  • If you want to lock an archived chat. You will not be able to do it. First, you have to unarchive the chat. After this, you can lock the chat.
  • The muted chats and the group chats also can be locked.

Whatsapp Web (WhatsApp Beta APK)

  • You can also use WhatsApp beta APK for Android on your desktop by linking your device to desktop windows by searching WhatsApp web. Open the WhatsApp on your mobile phone. Click on the three dots menu button, Go to the ”linked devices”, Click on the link device button, Draw your security pattern, and scan the code on the desktop. Now, link your WhatsApp to the desktop.
  • The WhatsApp beta version is a great new version that gives us more and more features for communicating with our contacts. Say hello! To your nears and dears through the beta version with many fabulous advanced features.
  • It has the latest features as it has a dark theme. You can also experience more new features of WhatsApp.
  • This beta version is easily useable for Android devices. WhatsApp beta Android is free to download. So download it now and stay connected to your relatives and beloved people on WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Beta For PC:

  • This version is also available for Windows. Download it for your personal computer. Here are some steps we will give you to download and install on your PC.
  • Search WhatsApp beta for PC in any browser on your PC
  • Click on ”get in-store app”.
  • Click on ”get the app”, The download starts automatically.
  • After downloading WhatsApp. Open it on your PC and get started by scanning the QR code.
  • When you scan the code on your mobile, it will open on your PC.
  • It will automatically download your data to the PC.

In the end, It is the time to take joy in the beta version on your personal computer. Send text messages, video messages, upload statuses, and more.

Lock and Hide (WhatsApp Beta For Windows):

It is easy to lock a single chat and hide it with your face lock, fingerprint, or a pattern. Here are some steps to lock and hide chat randomly. A most personal, hidden chat will be kept separate from the others in the locked folder. You can unlock the folder with your mobile security lock. It will appear. Read below for complete instructions.

  • Open a chat in WhatsApp and go to the profile page or chat info page.
  • Scroll down and click on the chat lock.
  • Now check on the “lock this chat with fingerprint” or keep it enabled.
  • After that, reopen WhatsApp and check that chat. It will disappear from the front conversations page. It will be locked now. We have to find lock chat. How to find lock chats?
  • Swipe down the conversation page. Look at the top of the conversation. There will be a locked chats folder.
  • Click on the locked chat folder and draw the fingerprint. It will open with your selected hidden chats.
  • Do the same process to unlock it.
  • Open the chat and uncheck the “lock this chat” from the profile page of the selected contact.

How Do We Edit a Custom Message on Whattsup Beta App Download APK?

  • Launch WhatsApp on your mobile. Open the chat and select the message.
  • Click on the three-dot menu button.
  • Click on the edit below.
  • You can edit the text as you need.
  • After editing the text. Click on the check button. The change will be edited successfully.
  • Now, The text takes a while to edit on the viewer device.


You can edit the costume text within ten minutes. After ten minutes, the option to edit will disappear automatically.

You can not edit the media. But you can edit the text message.

Edit a text message won’t notify the reader again. It just edits the message silently.

Video Message:

The beta version has introduced the new feature of instant video messages. Through this feature, we can send the video with voice. We are recording the movements in video messages with enjoyment. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, or other happy occasions. We can send every physical appearance by video message in just sixty seconds.

Here are some steps:

How To Send Video Messages on WhatsApp Bussiness beta APK iOS?

  • Open WhatsApp, go into the chat, and tap on the voice message recorder.
  • By tapping on the voice recorder mic, you switch the video mode.
  • Now, hold it to record a video for about sixty seconds.
  • You can record video by holding the camera. Or Hold for a while and swipe up to lock the video recording to feel your hand free.
  • While recording, you can swipe the camera to the left side to cancel the video message. When you let the held camera without swiping up, the recorded message will be sent. Get fun and stay connected with your contacts.

Audio status WhatsApp Beta join:

Whatsapp beta latest brings the new feature in status. Now, we can upload audio status with some more features. This feature brings a thirty-second audio status. We can upload it by choosing the contacts as we wish. Before the upload of the status, we can select the contacts who can see it. And it will disappear in 24 hours automatically. We can share it as text, photos, emojis, stickers, and more. The status is secured like our private chat by end-to-end encryption so we can share it securely. It is better for people who don’t like typing and feel it is easier to talk better than write a text.

Reactions And Replies to Statuses:

Reply and reacting to a status is easy now. We have to swipe up and react or reply directly to the contact. We can reply by voice, text, photo, emojis, and more.

Status appearance:

The status will never missed due to its appearance in different places. It will shown as a ring around the profile. It is visible in the chat list, profile info page, and group participant list. When the status updates.

Visual Views Of The Link on Status:

when we upload a link on the status, the visual view also appears automatically with the link. so before opening the link we can get an idea about the link and what type of content it contains.

Whatsapp Avatars stickers:

Look more on WhatsApp. Set the avatar sticker as your profile in WhatsApp. You can personalize your avatar’s appearance as you like. Now, you can set an avatar for your profile instead of your photo. That gives you more personal security.

Manual Avatar Stickers:

You can also personalize the avatar manually. Setting an avatar is a privacy and joy. Sharing the feelings through it with friends and family is so entertaining. Using the avatar in place of your photo feels more private. Nowadays, WhatsApp users are enjoying this feature. Many users have a great review of it. We hope you will also enjoy creating and sharing your avatar stickers.

How To Create a WhatsApp Bata APK Avatar?

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three-dot menu button. Go to the settings.
  • Click on the avatar, select “Create your avatar”, and give it a selfie on a live camera.
  • This will only predict the details like your facial features and create an avatar matching you.
  • Take a photo, select the skin color, and click on next.
  • Your avatar will be ready in a few seconds.
  • Now you can edit your avatar by yourself.
  • You can browse stickers, create an avatar as a profile, And delete it.

How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Theme?

Finally, The latest version of WhatsApp has a dark theme, which gives more beauty to WhatsApp. Here are some steps you can apply the dark theme on your WhatsApp.

Launch WhatsApp, go to the settings, and select the chats (theme, wallpaper, chat history).

Click on the theme at the top. Now select the dark and click on OK.

The theme will apply just in a second. Now, you can enjoy it.

How To Use WhatsApp View Once Feature?

This feature is really awesome. When you send media to anyone by enabling the “view once” mode, the media will open once on the recipient’s device. He can’t see it two wise, once he opens it the media automatically disappears. Even the sender can’t see the media. Is the screenshot or screen recording possible? Or How do save the view once on WhatsApp?

For all new chats, disappearing messages are enabled by default. If enabled, all new chats you or another person start will be set to disappear at your chosen duration. By default, the disappearing messages enable for groups you created newly. You can’t change or delete it in your existing chat. We can’t save, screenshot, or screen record on our device in any way. due to the enable of once view mode.

Further, we can send 2GB files at a time. And we can add 512 members to the group.

Disappearing messages:

You can enable the disappear messages setting to save storage. You can also set the period for. How much time the message should take to delete? There are three time period options 24hour; 7days, and 90days’

You can enable it from the setting.

Go to “manage storage” and select “turn on disappearing messages”. Click on the default message timer and set the time. All the new individual chats will be deleted in default time.

WhatsApp Community Vs Group:

The WhatsApp community brings family members, friends, and relatives all together on topic-based groups. You can create a group and also add the existing WhatsApp group to the community.

The group admin can control the maintenance and update new news updates to the community through an announcement. All members will be connected to the community, and they also add the groups to the community.


This WhatsApp beta APK is an updated version of WhatsApp Messenger which is a private end-to-end encryption chatting feature. This messenger app will be the right choice for you due to this app’s trusted security policies. millions of people worldwide using this. With new features, this app is now more attractive and thrilling. You should download it quickly and be a user of this trading new beta messenger app. In addition, for more amazing apps visit our website the apk mart day by day.

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